Mayor of SymiDear friends of Symi
The Municipality of Symi, opens its gates to the world and cyber space, and welcomes you at the official web site of Symi. Our goal is this project to reach its full potential improving and upgrading the benefits of the Municipality of Symi in a direct, easy and comfortable way from anywhere you are, home, mobile, office and business, oriented by the timely and reliable information to citizens, and friends of our island.

The information systems are the easiest way to access information and the insurance that Symi is actively involved to the pulse of technological developments, is our aim, upgrading, constantly, our services through this site. We hope that through this space we can solve any questions that may occur and give answers to your requests. At the same time our goal is this website to be another way through interactive administration, of our municipality, and citizens, giving you the opportunity to send your thoughts, your concerns and the concerns regarding of what concerns the Municipality.

We aim to post all the happenings of our municipality and make you to be a part of the most official information one can obtain from internet media in relation to the projects deployed or under development, the decisions of the municipal council, expenses and incomes of our municipality in order to make possible to control the public administration more efficient, through internet, particularly through this page. Alongside are given important information and phone numbers for friends and visitors of our island, as well as a rich photographic material, carrying the beauties of our country around the world.

The Mayor

Eleftherios Papakalodoukas