Settlements – Villages

On the island there are 5 villages, Chora, Emporios, Marathounda, Pedi and Panormitis.

Xorio-5The capital is Chora, which includes two settlements, Gialos and Chorio or Ano Symi. The oldest residential nucleus is the Village. It was settled around the castle, mostly for defensive reasons. It is built on hills. Joins Gialos with the “Kali Strata”, a road consisting of 500 stone steps. He was once the shopping street of Symi and will impress you with its mansions built along it. When eliminated the fear of the pirates, the village expanded towards the sea creating a new settlement, Yialos, which is the safe harbor. In Gialos were the residences of the captains and traders of Symi. Today it is an administrative and tourist center and attracts almost all the services and banks on the island.

-The town has been declared a preserved traditional settlement with main features the colors on the walls, the windows, the elaborate pediments and pebbled courtyards.

-The second port of Symi is Emporios. Located on the west side of the island and has become a developing tourist resort. The settlement has characterized traditional and has a nice beach.

Pedi-3-Located 2 km from the town lies the picturesque coastal village of Pedi. It is a verdant village by olive trees, vineyards and fruit trees, which has a lovely beach. The settlement is well developed tourist has hotels and rooms for rent. And this has been declared a traditional settlement.



-In Panormitis is the monastery of Archangel Michael, perhaps the most important religious monument of the island. The foundation of the folk tradition connects it with the reverence of the inhabitants. The monastery can accommodate summer vacationers of the cells against low wages.